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Trio Promo

Hailing from Chesterton, IN, the Watershed Ramblers consist of Alex "Gooch" Gottschlich on guitar/vocals, Ian Soto on mandolin/vocals, and Daniel Cole Dailey on double bass/vocals/harmonica. The Ramblers music is inspired not only by traditional bluegrass but reaches to the corners of alternative, rock, hip-hop and funk. Drawn from a diverse group of influences such as Bill Monroe, A Tribe Called Quest, The Grateful Dead and Jonathan Davis, this acoustic outfit plays a mix of traditional/modern bluegrass, folk/contemporary rock and a slew of original music. Known for fast paced tempos and train-like grooves, the Ramblers bring the energy with a combination of not-so-traditional music being played in a semi-traditional fashion and vice versa. These boys are passionate about their craft and enjoy nothing more than sharing music with others.

See you folks on down the line!

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